What is Web Development?

Web Development:The word itself says the construction of the web.

Web development is building and maintaining the websites for INTERNET or INTRANET(A Private Network).Web development consists Of developing a simple static single page of plain text to most complex web based applications like making social networking websites, business sites and many more types of websites you see in routine.The sites which we use in everyday routine like shopping website amazon,flip-kart,etc.The social networking sites like Facebook all the sites today we visits are made by the web developers.

Some comprehensive list of task which web development refers, may include web engineering,web content development, web server and network security configuration and eCommerce development.Mostly web development come to mean with the creation of content management systems.To which in short we call it CMS. A main principle and benefit of these CMS programs is that it allows non-technical people to make changes to their website without having much technical knowledge.

And web development is fully known as Website development

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