What are the Factors to Become a WordPress Developer?

The factors for becoming a WordPress developer firstly involves that what knowledge you already have , and what you need to learn and then you need to pick a niche or an area which suits your goals and skills, Adopt the best practices to break in that field.

1. First step is to , You should understand the primary skills required.

The most vital thing any of the WordPress developer need to understand are the language platform uses;
*Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML):

This language seems to be powerful and fairly easy to be perfect in this.It is a compromised markup elements (code) which dictates how different aspects of page will be displayed. These elements includes page titles, headings, paragraph texts and so on.

*My Sequel (MySql):

MySql is an open source relational database management system. WordPress uses PHP to retrieve and store data from MySql database. Site administrative features, such as user roles are made possible on WordPress using MySql. So that a developer should at least have knowledge of its capabilities.

*Personal Home Page (PHP):

PHP is misleading acronym. It can be used for many functions including auto generating of files, accessing of database, encrypting data and much more. There are many of online guides for mastering in PHP which will help in becoming an WordPress developer.

*Cascading Slide Sheets (CSS):

CSS use to dictate the way how elements look like. CSS control aspects like font types and colors, page layout, click effects and much more. The HTML element for somebody text might also include CSS codes to specify what color the text should be display.

You don’t be specifically a master in all these ,but it is best to adopt least knowledge about these before learning how to become a WordPress developer. This will help to get better market in this field.

2. Learn as much as you can learn about WordPress.

If you want to become a web developer firstly you have to learn about WordPress as much as you can. The more you know more you can do. Good thing is that there are many of the resources available to take knowledge about WordPress.

3.You should choose the area of the development you want to focus on.

WordPress is known for being a broad, versatile and constantly-evolving CMS nowadays. This is a good news for developers , which means there are many entry points that cater to broad array of interests and skill sets. A strong technical knowledge is crucial, niches such as theme and plugins development.


Focusing on developing of themes is a good way to attract clients. Since themes serve as a graphical front-end styling for a WordPress website.


Without plugins, WordPress would not have attain its current prominence. If you have interest in modifying of WordPress to achieve your particular goal and some grounding in PHP and HTML. This area is definitely for you.

4*You should setup local development environment:

If your focus is on theme and plugin development, it is best to conduct your work locally. This is to ensure testing and troubleshooting you conduct when developing is confined to your system. WordPress makes it easy to setup a local development environment.

5. You should join the WordPress community:

While learning how to become WordPress developer, it is easy to fall in the habit of working on your projects in peace. In order to really progress in your chosen area of development, it’s good to connect with wider WordPress community. This help to boost your skill,

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