Is Web Development is Easier Than Software Development?

Web development is a sub category of software development. Every software engineer has a scope of expertise :some of them go to kernel development,some in drivers,some do security development and some do web development.Web development is not easy much but it is simple enough to create web sites with the help of CMS software.

1.Both the jobs require to sit all-day moving nothing but fingertips on keyboard and eyes on screen.

2.Both of the jobs require you to attend meeting with geeky people.

3.Both of the jobs comes with the pressure to complete work rapidly and accurately.

4.Both jobs requires you to work 8-12 hour day.

Another thing you may ask your self, are you passionate with web development work or to software development, I personally love internet and websites so I chose web development.

WordPress is the best content management system. WordPress remains the first choice of developers and it is the platform which holds 60% of market share for Cms and 35% of all the websites on theinternet.

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