Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

The key difference in the play store and app store is that they both are two different types of digital distribution platform. Other than the blaring difference the play store runs on Google android and app store runs on Apple’s iOS.

The play store and app store are the two different types of digital distribution platform that has the same purpose; they can be used to get the digital content like apps, games, movies, books, etc.

The play store and the app store both are the two biggest digital distribution platform. They accounts for the majority of apps download in the world. According to the research iOS and android app store downloads are account to about 90% of the global app downloads by year 2007.

The play store is officially known as google play store, which was once known as the Android Market. It is a type of digital distribution platform operated by google and it carries applications for the Android operating system. Google play also serve as the digital media store offering, music applications, magazines, books, movies and television programs.

On the other and the app store is the digital distribution platform by Apple for use on iOS which mainly runs on its phones and iPad’s. The services provided by the app store were originally part of the iTunes, Which is another application developed by Apple.

There are not much difference between the both stores. They both are effective and do what they designed to do.

Still there are differences between the two. It is believed that it is easier to code for the app store, as the play store has the fragmentation of android version which makes it harder to code a single app for all the versions.

Google has now addressed this issue by improving backward compatibility. Secondly it is believed that apple is friendlier to indie developers as many developers complained that their apps are harder to find and identify by users among millions of play store apps.

App store is considered to be more volatile, as that an app that was in top ten last week will not be in top ten this week. While the top ten apps on the google play store does not change that often. which reflects the facts that the new indie developers find it hard to break through the top apps. In app store the developers can take the advantage of the current trends to improve their rankings.

The app store has been longer than the play store. the app store overpowers the play store today.

Play Store

1. An online store for applications that run on their software.

2. A digital distribution platform.

3. It works on platform called Google Android.

4. It is Released in October 2008.

5. Better search history showing apps even people misspell the name or category.

6. about 26% of all apps are games.

7. 80% of apps on google play are free to use.

8. The Android app users downloads about 4.1% of apps per month from which 3.4 apps apps are free.

9. It is more difficult to code due to fragmentation of android version.

Apple App Store

1. An online store for applications that run on their software.

2. A digital distribution platform.

3. It works on the platform called Apple iOS.

4. It is released in July 2008.

5. It has less better search history than google play store.

6. About 14% of all apps are games.

7. 60% of apps on App store are free.

8. The average iOS users downloads 6.2 apps per month, With an average of 3.4 apps are free.

9. Coding is much easier in app store which is why apps first release on app store than on other platforms.

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