Differ in Smartphone And Superphone.

Key Difference:

Smartphones are that mobiles which are similar to a mini computer. Smartphones offer a variety of features that allows advance computing capability and community. A superphone is smartphone with better features, software and hardware. According to Samsung, superphone must offer a minimum 1 GHz processor, nice cameras, 3D graphics acceleration, minimum 720p HD video capture and playback, motion sensors, 3G or 4G, and many more.


Smartphones play an important role in people’s everyday life. It became a friend, a companion and it replaced almost every gadget. Smartphones have been constantly changing to incorporate better technology, higher specifications and a variety of different features.

This has resulted in many people constantly changing their phones every so often, making smartphones disposable. For many tech geeks these smartphones are just not enough. For those tech lovers, a new categories of phones was introduced known as superphones. These phones are very similar to smartphones but are much better in every aspect.

Smartphone is a mobile phone which operates on an operating system, similar to a mini computer. They offer a variety of features such as calling capabilities, computing capabilities, video conferencing, online sufferings, Cameras, GPS navigation units, etc.

Any mobile phone that let you do work of computer on it is considered as smartphone. Smartphones are powered by Operating System such as Android, iOS, windows, etc. The term smartphone was introduced in market by Ericsson company in 1997, when it used to describe its GS 88 ‘penelope’ concept as smartphone.

There is no clear distinction that decides which phones are smartphones and which are not. With the increasing technology offerings in a phone, the categories has expanded to include all the features that are currently available in market.


A superphone is a smartphone with better features, software and hardware. It actually has no proper definition, with many just considering this to be marketing gimmick. The term ‘superphone’ was coined by google when it launches Google nexus One, calling it a superphone. Since the launch of Nexus One, the superphone category has expanded and evolved to include newer technology.

The category further Expanded to include a screen size that exceeds 4″ and a minimum dual core processor. Superphone is termed to the best and brightest smartphone in the market nowadays.

Similar to smartphone category, the superphone category is dynamic and constantly changes to incorporate newer and better technology.

To many Superphones are just another way to saying smartphones. The term refers to a phablet, a mix of phone and a tablet. There is no set definition to the term, hence it is free for many companies to take and manipulate the word to incorporate the product they are selling.

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