Can You Get Siri on Android Smartphones ?

With the rise of Siri, Alexa, Google now and similar technologies, it’s clear that being able to control our phones and other devices by speaking to them is one of the next big thing in technology.

Owners of iPhone, iPad, Macs and HomePods can use siri to get information from web, launch apps, perform shortcut actions, play music and much more.

As a much powerful technology like this other people who don’t have iPhone’s and may wonder whether they can get siri for Android or other smartphone platforms like windows, phone and Blackberry.

The short answer is no, there is no siri for android or other non-iPhone platforms and there are probably never will be. But that doesn’t mean that users of other smartphones can’t have virtual assistance like siri and some times better than siri.

Why Siri only run’s on Apple Devices?

Siri will never work on any mobile operating system other than iOS or desktop operating system other than MacOS, because siri is a major competitive differentiator for Apple. If you want all the cool things siri does you have to buy an iPhone or other Apple devices. Apple makes the largest part of its money on hardware sales. So allowing such a compelling feature to run on its competitors hardware would heart its bottom line.

Though there’s no siri for android or other smartphone platforms have their own in-built voice activated intelligent assistants. In some cases there are multiple options for each platform.

Siri Alternatives for Smartphones.

Bixby – Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant, which built to challenge Android’s native Google assistant. It is built into many Samsung phones and can also be installed by other devices via an app.

Cortana – Cortana is developed by Microsoft for its windows phone operating system, cortana is now available in many platforms including android and iOS.

Google Assistant – Unlike siri, which basically do what you ask it, Google assistant tries to learn your habits and adapt to them.For instance, Once google assistant get to know your commuting patterns, it can provide traffic details or subway schedules before you leave the house. It comes with most Android phones.

Robin – There are a few voice-activated assistants created by companies that don’t also build smartphones OSes such as Robin. Robin is designed specifically to help perform tasks on a smartphones while driving, such as getting directions, finding restaurants and stores and sending texts.

Alexa – Amazon’s Alexa , built in echo series of products, come with amazon’s fire tablet and other products. Alexa can also be downloaded and used on Android systems.

Lot of Fake Siri Apps.

If you search the google play store and the windows phone app store for ‘siri’ you may find a number of apps with siri in their names. But watch out those are not siri.

These apps are apps with voice feature that are comparing themselves to siri. No matter what they say, they aren’t a siri and not developed by Apple.

Unlike with Android and windows phone there are not any apps in Blackberry app world claiming to be siri. There are some voice activated apps for Blackberry, but none of them are sophisticated or powerful as or claim to actually be , siri.

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